The scientifically valid diagnostic tool for the digital mindset

Digital Competence Indicator DCI zur Messung des digital Mindsets mit einem Diagnostik Tool

People are the relevant success factor in digitization!

What digital type am I?

The DIGITAL COMPETENCE INDICATOR is a personality test about your mindset in digitization. It is not about digital skills, such as programming languages or software knowledge, but much more about your characteristic in 6 mindset dimensions.

Customer centricity

Proactivity & entrepreneurial action orientation

Critical ability

Digital Competence Indicator zur Messung des digital Mindsets

Creativity & motivation

Open dealing with failure

Openness & agility

These dimensions make it possible to execute a type assignment in alignment with the four digital types. These digital types characterize the four different roles in the digital transformation.

Digitaler Hinterfrager beim DCI
Digitaler Brückenbauer beim DCI
Digitaler Nerd beim DCI
Digitale Typen des digitalen Mindsets mit dem DCI
Digitale Typen des digitalen Mindsets mit dem DCI
Digitales Mindset bei Lufthansa
NSB Group
Digitales Mindset und DCI bei HypoVereinsbank Uni Credit
Digitales Mindset und DCI bei Löffler

The digital types

Digitaler Nerd als digitaler Typ des digitalen Mindsets

Digital Nerd


| High technical affinity

| Considers failure as a chance

Value to the organisation:

| Technological driver

| Creativity and openness

Digitaler Hinterfrager als digitaler Typ des digitalen Mindsets

Digital Questioner


| Results-oriented

| Self-critical

Value to the organisation:

| Provides stability

| Questions precisely

Digitaler Befürworter als digitaler Typ des digitalen Mindsets

Digital Supporter


| Open to new technologies

| Able to support initiatives after a proof of concept

Value to the organisation:

| Acceptance in the company

| Opinion leader

Digitaler Brückenbauer als digitaler Typ des digitalen Mindsets

Digital Bridge Builder


| Booster and changer

| Hight social competence

Value to the organisation:

| Entrepreneurial action orientation

| Avoids silo thinking

There is no assignment of the mindset to only one digital type, but Mindset is a combination of the different types, which are differently developed.

What is the basis of this type characterization?

In the past years, we have conducted hundreds of interviews with potential candidates and customers, and we have found patterns and types. This is why we have developed a matrix in which every type is created by its strengths, its value for the system and its limits.

Studie digitales Mindset
Wissenschaftlichkeit der Studie über das digitale Mindset
DCI Digital Competence Indicator Ablauf

How does the DCI work?



Startpunkt des DCI Digital Competence Indicator

User receives access data and logs in.



User passes through 48 scientifically developed items on the six dimensions critical to success.
Duration: Approx. 10 minutes

Users receive the analysis of the digital mindset directly in a dashboard, which guides them through the individual analysis with different media (graphics, videos, text). In this way, the user gets to know his digital type characteristics as well as the characteristics in the six mindset dimensions critical to success.

Users always have the opportunity to log in to the DCI dashboard and interact with their digital mindset.

Zuordnung zu den Typen des digitalen Mindsets
Videos zur Erklärung des digitalen Mindsets
Interaktives Dashboard für das digitale Mindset


User can use the Mindset Indicator Academy to enter directly into an individual learning path for Mindset development.

Ende des Digital Competence Indicators

 Application areas of the DCI 

DCI als Standortanalyse für das digitale Mindset
Digital Competence Indicator als Standortanalyse für das digitale Mindset
Mindset analysis for targeted personnel development
DCI als Grundlage für Organisationsentwicklung mit Fokus auf dem digitalen Mindset
Organisationsentwicklung mit dem Digital Competence Indicator für das digitale Mindset
Basis for targeted organisational development
Soft Skill Matching im Recruiting für das digitale Mindset
Job Interviews mit Fokus auf dem digitalen Mindset
Soft skill matching in recruiting and basis for interviews

Why do we need another indicator for personality traits?

Diagnostik für das digitale Mindset mit dem DCI

So far, there are none which address the following topics and questions:

Sechs Dimensionen des digitalen Mindsets
Digitaler Typ des digitalen Mindsets

What digital type am I?

A question which is difficult to answer, because the concept of digitization is neither clearly defined, nor has it been declared which personality traits are needed for it.

Sechs Dimensionen des digitalen Mindsets
Digitales Mindset unterstützt Kunden zu verstehen

Who are my customers?

Because it is important to understand that everyone in a company has customers (some are external, others are internal - e.g. departments).

Sechs Dimensionen des digitalen Mindsets
Digitales Mindset für Unternehmenserfolg

Which personality traits will subsequently be needed in the future for our company's success?


Technological-digital traits alone are definitely not the solution.

Sechs Dimensionen des digitalen Mindsets
Team Zusammenstellung mit Hilfe des digitalen Mindsets

How can we improve the set up of our teams?

Set up teams with DCI, which work more synergetically.

For whom?

Independent of industries

The DCI is not industry-specific and can be used for different sizes of companies and has been proven in practice - from medium-sized businesses to large corporations.

Independent of roles

The DCI can be used independently of roles, i.e. there are no restrictions on the scope of use.


The DCI can also be tailored to your exact needs. This customizing can range from an additional dimension (such as digital literacy) to the look and feel of the tool.

DCI quality characteristics



Process time of 10 minutes.



Proven validity by scientific criteria.



Better understanding of one's own role and better understanding of the other players within a team.

Proven validity by scientific criteria.

If you want to learn more about the scientific validity, you can order our DCI study via email.

Wissenschaftliche Studie über das digitale Mindset

What do experts think about DCI?

Matthias Malessa über den DCI und das digitale Mindset

The DCI is a relevant future sustainability indicator that makes it possible to determine the digital mindset value-free and objectively. My motto is: simple and understandable user interface - but please on a scientifically sound basis; this is precisely what the DCI delivers for the individual employee or the team. A real added value on the way to future sustainability!

Matthias Malessa


former CHRO Adidas

Awarded the Human Resources Management Prize

Digitales Mindset wird mit dem DCI beim Personalwirtschaftspreis ausgezeichnet
Auszeichnung des DCI beim Personalwirtschaftspreis

A project with the DCI, which we carried out at Lufthansa, was awarded the personnel management prize.
In this project, the DCI was individually adapted to Lufthansa's corporate culture and made available to all employees in a Lufthansa tool.
Further information can be found in the following Capital article:

Capital article about DCI at Lufthansa (German)

Who is the team behind DCI?

An interdisciplinary team with consultants from various areas:

Sechs Dimensionen des digitalen Mindsets
Sechs Dimensionen des digitalen Mindsets

Organizational development in the environment of digital transformation with a concentrated view of customers and organizations.

Development of psychological procedures for suitability diagnostics, such as personality tests, interview procedures, AC, etc.

What DCI customers say

The DCI is an important component of the global "Leadership in Transformation" program. Among other things, the tool provides a precise analysis of the digital mindset. For us, DCI has been an excellent basis for the targeted development of managers in these turbulent times. We have also used the tool in several European markets and are very satisfied with the results. Definitely a "must have" in times of digital transformation.

0 (2).jpeg

Vladislava Georgieva

Volkswagen Financial Services

HR Produkt- und Projektportfolio Management & Innovation

Das Team hinter dem Digital Competence Indicator

Data security

Datenschutz für das digitale Mindset beim Digital Competence Indicator

Data protection is not only important, but a fundamental right.

We take data protection very seriously because everyone has a right to secure data. We not only work GDPR-compliant, but we also have an external TÜV-certified data protection officer.

If you have any questions regarding data protection, please feel free to contact us at any time at .

Dashboard für das digitale Mindset bei Diagnostik

Highest security standards

The DCI is hosted on a certified server in Germany and meets the highest security standards. 

If you want a two-factor authentication in addition to the normal login, you can book this as an option. For this we work together with the security experts of XignSys. The product XignIn is a function package consisting of an authentication app and encrypted digital infrastructure.

Höchste Sicherheitsstandards für das digitale Mindset beim DCI

Management Dashboard

Depending on the company agreement, company executives have the possibility to view and analyse the characteristics of the digital mindset of the employees in a cumulative and anonymous way via a management dashboard.
Here, periods of time can also be compared in order to gain an overview of mindset development.
In addition, managers can see which mindset development needs exist in their own department. Thus, teams can be developed further in a targeted manner or targeted external reinforcement can be obtained.

Management Dashboard für das digitale Mindset beim DCI


Find out what digital type you are!

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