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Definition Digital Mindset

What is the digital mindset and how can it be defined?

In our research and work we have dealt intensively with this question and have drawn up a definition based on current findings.

Digital Mindset Definition

Bredendiek, Knorr, May 2020

Personality traits or behavioural dispositions that are not directly observable and that significantly structure and channel thinking, feeling and acting in social and instrumental action contexts of digital transformation can be summarized as a digital mindset. The development of personality dispositions does not result in an absolute but probable willingness to behave, which can be moderated by external environmental factors, such as general conditions, or new learning experiences.

With a view to the requirements of digital transformation, six personality dispositions critical to success can be identified, which describe a digital mindset, especially in a job-related context:

  • Openness and agility

  • Proactivity and entrepreneurial action orientation

  • Creativity & motivation

  • Customer centricity

  • Critical ability

  • Open dealing with failure

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